Employment Period:  3 years fixed

Career Development:  ANA is committed to encouraging professional growth.  After attaining a JCAB ATPL with AKX, this will allow opportunities to transition into Jet positions with ANA group airlines.

Training Period: (6-8 month)

Monthly Base Salary: 

Year 1:  JPY 720,000 

Year 2:  JPY 840,000

Year 3:  JPY 960,000

Commuting Allowance:  JPY 120,000

Housing Allowance/Local Commute/& Per Diem:  JPY 300,000

Tax: Withholding by Company

National Health Insurance: AKX health insurance provided

Supplemental Health Insurance : Overseas insurance provided

Loss of License Insurance:  ~USD $150/mo. (CReW Plan) paid by the employee

Training Salary:  80% of Base Salary +  $45/day per diem

Medical/English License:  Company Provided

Layover Allowance:  JPY 3,600

Travel Benefit:  ZED Fares on ANA Group Airlines

Completion Bonus:   JPY 1,296,000 -or- Pro-rata JPY 36,000/mo. of continuous employment

Type Rated Bonus:  JPY 600,000/year 

Days Off: 110 days off per year + 10 Commuting days per year.
(Opt. total 12 consecutive off days, including commute days, followed by 5 weeks on)   

Annual Paid Leave: 24 days

Additional Annual Paid Leave: Special leave determined case-by-case

Annual Sick Leave: Accrued 0.5/mo.  (12 days max. allowed)

Note:  Terms and conditions may change from time to time by ANA Wings. This information is confidential and privileged.  At no time shall this information be distributed without written consent by Crew Resources Worldwide and/or ANA Wings.  If hired, pilots will be employed directly by ANA Wings.