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Crew Resources Worldwide (CREW) is a joint venture of All Nippon Airways, The Sojitz Corporation of Japan and Hawaii Aviation Contract Services of Honolulu. CREW was established in 2006 and the 6 core personnel of CREW have over 75 years of combined experience managing flight crew contracts providing consulting services to 8 different Japanese airlines and other Asian carriers.

The CREW corporate philosophy has always focused on the pilot’s safety, personal success and quality of life. When dealing with any sort of issue what is always uppermost in our minds is maintaining the integrity of the pilot profession. If we follow this philosophy we feel we cannot make a mistake in running our business. We are very fortunate to have the respect of so many in the industry and also the freedom to operate as an independent company and not just a subsidiary of the airline.

Our responsibility is not limited to just supplying pilots to various airline companies but also to advising them on the best ways to retain those pilots.

For the record CREW is the number one supplier of pilots to Air Japan. Our insurance programs are superior and the amount of our involvement in pilot and operational matters clearly defines who we are. Don’t take our word for it ask our pilots.

Our newest venture has us developing a business in contract cabin attendants also assigned to ANA. We have accomplished this through our subsidiary company CREW Asia Ltd. We now have 67 cabin attendants recruited in Thailand and based in Bangkok. Recruiting will go on for the foreseeable future. Once again our approach to this business has been to see things from the employee’s point of view. If we can attract and hire happy employees we’ll be successful. Again, it is working so far.

Feel free to contact us to ask any question you may have about contract flying or flying in Japan. 

Company fact sheet (2019):


August 2006


CREW Asia Ltd. 


All Nippon Airways (ANA), 

Hawaii Aviation Contract Services (HACS),

Sojitz Corporation.

Services: Flight Crew Leasing, Pilot and Cabin Attendant screening, Aviation personnel consulting.

Executive Leadership:


Capt. Frank Tabata 

Executive Vice President:

Koichi Tsuzuki

Pilots Employed– 183

Cabin Attendants Employed– 67


All Nippon Airways

Air Japan

ANA Wings

Asiana Airlines

Eznis Airways

China Eastern

Peach Aviation

Spring Japan

Vanilla Air



Crew Resources sub-contracts recruitment services with the following agents:

Gerard O'Reilly

Goose Recruitment

Longreach Aviation

Paramount Aviation

Rishworth Aviation