ANA Wings is a subsidiary airline of ANA Holdings which services regional routes throughout Japan.  ANA Wings operates a fleet of twenty-five B-737-500/700/800 in addition to nineteen DHC-8 Q400.  ANA Wings has plans to accept delivery of the Mitsubishi MRJ Regional Jet in 2017. 

ANA Wings bases include Itami (Osaka), Chubu (Nagoya), and Fukuoka.  ANA Wings operates out of 31 airports in Japan; with over 61 routes.  They currently have 261 daily flights with a capacity of 28,832 seats per day.  ANA Wings operates 39.1% of the domestic flights for ANA group.  ANA Wings has a total of 1,284 employees. 

Foreign pilots assigned to ANA Wings will have the option to commute or relocate to Osaka.  Long-term Visa's will be sponsored by ANA Wings. 

Career Development:  After completing a contract with ANA Wings, ANA will support transition to Direct Entry Captain on Jet aircraft with ANA Group airlines. 


3,000 hrs. TTL

1,500 hrs. PIC (1/2 commercial SIC experience may be counted toward meeting this minimum)

500 hrs. PIC two-crew aircraft

ICAO ATPL with two crew turbo-prop type rating.  (DHC-8 type rating is preferred)

Class One Medical

The contract terms and conditions is password protected for security reasons.  If you are a pilot and would like access, please complete the application and we will authorize access if you are qualified.